Betting Types

Betting Types on Online Sports Betting Sites

Online betting sites are very diverse in their options hence every bettor prefers betting with them. Bet22 Kenya has been able to offer these options to any bettor who wishes to join their platform. 

A key factor that makes sports betting great is that there are different courses of action to take on a particular game. Since the margins are so large, you can choose the option that appears to be profitable. Furthermore, the more informed you are about a bet type, the better your betting decisions become. 

No matter how good you are, you still need to keep yourself updated with the various betting types. Besides, these sportsbooks are constantly updating their options, adding and removing new ones. For example, if the win rate for a particular option becomes too much, it might be removed, but in most cases, the odd is reduced. 



Moneyline is the most common bet you can find on any sports betting site. It is the most simplest option, and even a newbie can understand it. If you visit any sports betting website, they are among the first bets you will find when selecting a specific game. 

The Moneyline option cuts across different sports, making it one of the most demanded betting types. Moneyline is easy as you simply stake your money in whichever team you feel will win. Furthermore, the odds are not specific; they vary significantly from game to game. The odds attached demand on both teams; if it is a mismatched game, the favorite team usually gets the smaller odds. 

Totals/Over/Under Bets 

If you are confident about the attacking prowess of the two teams, this option comes in handy. Choosing the total bets option means you are betting on the total combined score of the two teams in the game. 

In sports like football, over/under bets are usually common. It is one of the go-to options for bettors as it is somewhat of a safe bet but with a minimal payout. Therefore, you might see something like “Over 1.5” and Under 1.5 in the betting option. If you choose the Over bet, you would be hoping the teams exceed the set goal limit. While for the Under bet, you would be guessing that throughout the duration of the game, both teams will not exceed the goal limit set. 

Outright Winner Bets

Outright Winner Bets

This bet is usually placed before the commencement of the competition; it could be months, days, or weeks before it starts. It is an easy bet with a very high payout. Therefore, all you need to do is choose a team you feel will go all the way and place your bets on them.

Accumulator Bets

This bet type involves staking on multiple events in a single wager. It means you can choose a betting outcome on numerous events without having to split your bet. This bet type is difficult, but it does have a reasonably high payout rate if the number of selected events is much.

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